RSA Encryption in Go

Here's something that sounds like a trivial thing: "I want to encrypt an arbitrary payload using the RSA encryption algorithm in Go." — Me Let's look at »

Speech To Text with Pocketsphinx

Talking to our devices is the future. No more clunky interfaces to confuse us, no more searching for that one button you were looking for. I'm »

Reverse engineering Google's Speech to Text API »

List of developer productivity tools and utilities

Table of Contents Preface Terminal Homebrew iTerm2 iTerm2 themes Fixing iTerm2 key bindings Oh-my-zshell Zshell in tmux Zshell Syntax Highlighting Nano syntax highlighting Applications Sublime Text »

Proxying WebSockets with Nginx and Socket.IO

Why would you want to proxy WebSockets through Nginx? That's probably the first question that comes to mind. Why would you want to proxy your websockets »

Debugging axes in three.js

Some of the issues I've encountered when I started playing around in three.js, is debugging my axes. They visualize the position and orientation of meshes »


A cool javascript file I wrote that can cycle through an array of sentences and simulate someone typing and erasing them. I also has a few »

Configuring PHP, Apache & MCrypt on OS X Mountain Lion

After many hours of teeth gnashing, I've managed to get the latest version of PHP (5.4.11 at this time of writing) working with the »

Node.js and - A basic chat application using websockets

Installation (Ubuntu & Windows) I'm using an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, but any OS will do. To install Node.js on Ubuntu, it's fairly easy »

PostgreSQL driver for FuelPHP

Some kind of intro I'm currently writing a web app using FuelPHP and hosted this on my web host. However, I wanted to experiment with web »